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Gopinath lives a struggling life with his son, Tinku, wife, Chanda and mother. He works in the police force and is a long-time employee but has never received an award or granted promotion ...

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original title: Gopi Kishan

genge: Action,Comedy,Drama


imdb: 4.6




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Gopinath lives a struggling life with his son, Tinku, wife, Chanda and mother. He works in the police force and is a long-time employee but has never received an award or granted promotion since he does not discharged his duty properly. Everyday he prays to Lord Hanuman to grant him his wish and one day when he visits the police station he finds that he has been promoted and is to be given higher wages, he decides to visit the temple and thank Lord Hanuman. From here on Gopinath finds that all his encounter is being conducted successfully with him doing nothing but gets promoted and his salary is rising up more and more. When Tinku is kidnapped by a gangster, Sawant. Gopinath must now go to negotiate the release of his son and here is where he will comes to know that he has a look-alike, Kishen, who may be responsible for getting him promoted and conducting his encounters. Will this new errant prove to be dangerous for Gopinath or will he prove to be a boon? Employed by the Indian police force for a number of years Havaldar Gopinath remains a merger due to his slacker ways of discharging his duties. His family life consists of his vendor wife, Chanda, a school-going son, Tinku and his mother. Out of the blue he finds himself praise for arresting criminals one day; this leaves him to ponder over this progress; one by one all his assignments gets completed successfully. Unknown to him that he has a look-alike, Kishen who is responsible for the progress entail over his life. This reality comes to light when Tinku is abducted by a notorious gangster, Sawant - whereby Kishen is forced to aid Gopi once again this time for the last time by assisting him in rescuing Tinku. GOPI KISHAN released in 1994 when suddenly Suneil had got 4 hits like DILWALE, MOHRA and ANTH

This is one of his solo hits

The film is age-old formula

Action + comedy

But thanks to several portions which are damn funny it becomes a nice fun even the revenge bit is well handled Climax is nice

Direction is good Music is good, especially HAI HUKU

Suneil brings a nice diversity in both roles, though his voice modulation is bad at times, he acts well in both roles one of his funniest performances He is good as Kishan too

Shilpa Shirodkar and Karisma fill the bill though Shilpa is annoying at places

Suresh Oberoi is good Aruna Irani, Mohan Joshi are typecast Action Comedies were not so popular in the 90s as mostly, typical action films used to rule the 90s. Some of these typical films were good while several were horrible. Sunil Shetty who debuted with the hit Balwaan(1992) underperformed with flop Pehchaan(1992). However, 1993 wasn't entirely bad as Waqt Hamara Hai(1993) was a hit and Anth(1993) was a superhit. 1994 was great with films like Dilwale(1994) and Gopi Kishan becoming hits. Whereas, Mohra(1994) was a big hit. Although, Hum Hain Bemisaal(1994) was a flop.

Gopi Kishan released in mid 1994 and it became a hit at the box office. The film is the same old formula of twin brothers separated at birth because the villains wreak havoc in their father's life. One brother grows up to be a cop while the other becomes a ordinary man who has just been released from prison. There are several well handled scenes like both the Sunil's confronting each other, the clumsy Sunil getting beaten up by some bad guy, the strong Sunil beating up the same bad guy and the cops thinking that Gopi has become strong because of Bajrang Bali(God). Several other scenes like this are hilarious and this saves a typical action film from being completely typical. The climax is good and for once, it isn't prolonged. However, the emotional scenes are boring and this slackens the pace of the film.

Direction by Mukesh Duggal is good, he gets a hit after producing the flop Platform(1993). The film is well handled mostly but there are the typical 90s clich辿s like politicians easily escaping jail(when it isn't possible).

Sunil Shetty is awesome as Gopi, he makes you laugh at several places though he does overact slightly. As Kishan, Sunil is good and it's good to see him fight normally. In films like Anth, he would shout will running towards and kicking the enemies(this was very irritating). Karishma Kapoor is good while Shilpa Shirodkar is decent. Suresh Oberoi is good as the troubled father. Mohan Joshi is typecast and repeats his typical villain act. Side villains like Arun Bakshi are typecast as the typical politician. The rest provide decent support.

Action is good, Music is decent. However, only Hai Huku and Kisi Ko Dil are hits and the better of the lot. The raunchy songs are lame.

On the whole, Gopi Kishan(1994) is one of the superbly handled action comedies from the 90s. These kinds of films made audiences and critics appreciate Sunil Shetty.


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A look into the ancient and deadly Filipino Martial Art of Eskrima/Kali/Arnis. Eskrimadors traces the development of the fighting art from its roots in tribal warfare, to its evolution into...

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A look into the ancient and deadly Filipino Martial Art of Eskrima/Kali/Arnis. Eskrimadors traces the development of the fighting art from its roots in tribal warfare, to its evolution into a sport practiced in over 30 countries worldwide. Shot entirely in the island of Cebu, the birthplace of this fighting art.


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Mankind is threatened by a race of creatures called the Nightbreed, people who have, either willingly or through deception, succumbed to supernatural beings. And hunting them down is a man ...

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original title: Nightwalker: Midnight Detective

genge: Animation,Action,Comedy,Crime,Fantasy,Horror,Mystery


imdb: 6.5


tags: Children of the Night...Beware!


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Mankind is threatened by a race of creatures called the Nightbreed, people who have, either willingly or through deception, succumbed to supernatural beings. And hunting them down is a man named Shido. A detective. A warrior. A vampire. And with the help of an urban spirit, his naive secretary, and a police agent assigned to special cases, Shido stands as a vanguard against the Nightbreed. But he has his own difficulties as well. Including his sire, the mysterious Cain, and his prophecies of the Golden Dawn... I loved Night Walker, It had everything an anime should have. Shidou's character was very well defined, along with Yayoi and Kaine. I recommend this anime for everyone, even those who have never seen an anime in their lives would probably enjoy this. This show had me on the edge of my seat all the way till the end, definitely a thrill ride worth staying up till 2 am on a school night to see. Not that I recommend doing that...<<; ('s worth it.) So if your interested, rent it, if you like it buy it. If your just a stupid water head who likes to hate on good anime..Be smart..Don't even pick it up and go back to your teenage dramas.

-The Dunpeal Fox I just checked the DVD of "Midnight Detective" not knowing what to expect. I've never seen the series or heard the Anime, but I was completely surprised and impressed by this Anime.

In fact, I can't believe none of the so called "experts" of Anime have commented on this series.

The series combines "Interview With The Vampire", "Blade" and "Vampire Hunter" all in one.

The series is about a detective named Shido who is part vampire and part human. He solves cases involving what's none as the "Night Breed". The Night breed are vampires with major exceptions. The Night Breed can occupy the bodies of their victims and use and abuse them till they die. When their victims die, the Night Breed, inhibit another unsuspecting victim, by eating biting them or sucking their blood like a vampire.

The series is filled with fantastic visuals, action, violence and nudity.

In the first episode, we meet Shido, his young beautiful assisant Riho and Shido's girlfried Yayoi Matsunaga.

Yayoi is part of the Nos, which is the Japanese equivalent of the FBI.

Shido and Yayoi work together to try to stop the breed but meet tough foes like Cain.

Cain is the head vampire, who like Lestat in Interview With The Vampire is the one that gives Shido , "Eternal Life" by being a vampire.

Cain wants Shido back to do his bidding, but Shido must fight the temptations of the darkside and stop Cain and the Night Breed.

The DVD is spectacular and it's great. It comes with 6 episodes, special trailers of other Manga movies, a special meeting of the characters and much more.

The visuals are impressive in fact, since this is an anime, the creators are able to pull off feats that couldn't be done in "Interview With Vampire". For example , Shido is like Spiderman, and walk up buildings, fly, and kill his enemies at the same time.

Shido like Goku in Dragonballz, has a magic staff which he uses to take care of his enemies. Also like "Vampire Hunter" comes with a vampire demon, who watches over his shoulder, and becomes Shido's part conscious.

If you're looking for great Anime , "Midnight Vampire" is it. Another great anime in the same breath as "Macross", "Escaflowne", "Dragnballz" and many others. The music was composed by Akifumi Tada. Yes, The soundtrack was released on October 14, 1998 by Universal Music Japan. Yes, a 16-bit 16-color PC game was released in 1993. It was later released in 2001 by the company Arieroof for the Windows 2000, but only in Japan.


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Spoiled billionaire playboy Oliver Queen is missing and presumed dead when his yacht is lost at sea. He returns five years later a changed man, determined to clean up the city as a hooded vigilante ar

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original title: Arrow

genge: Action,Adventure,Crime,Drama,Mystery,Sci-Fi


imdb: 8

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tags: Mess with his friends and he may snap (Season 1)


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After five years presumed dead, rich playboy billionaire Oliver Queen returns after his father's yacht sinks in a storm, where he drifts into an island and trains with other people stuck on the deadly island. Then he returns home to Starling City to right the wrongs his father made, armed with just a bow and arrows, with allies by his side. Oliver Queen and his father are lost at sea when their luxury yacht sinks, apparently in a storm. His father dies, but Oliver survives for five years on an uncharted island and eventually returns home. But he wasn't alone on the island where he learned not only how to fight and survive but also of his father's corruption and unscrupulous business dealings. He returns to civilization a changed man, determined to put things right. He disguises himself with the hood of one of his mysterious island mentors, arms himself with a bow and sets about hunting down the men and women who have corrupted his city. Have to say this Arrow Series is really pretty good i started to watch it by accident trust me its pretty interesting and makes me very curious to watch the next

Now talking about this series a very unique one from the rest of the series i have watched the acting of Stephen Amell is pretty good and i really look forward to watch him in the big films soon and its the best superhero series i have seen so far i really hope they make an another seasons and also they could increase the length of the each series to 52min rather than to 24min then it would be good to watch but overall i give it an 10/10 stars I have tried and tried to love this show, as I was a long time DC fan, but boy does the writing leave a lot to be desired. Great cast, I don't blame them. The star is impressive, super beefcakey for the girls I guess, really impressive climbing pull ups... the overview is good... vigilante story turning a corner.

Silly is the only word I can use to describe the direction that it did turn down. Groups attacking a city to that degree and the National Guard doesn't get a chance to help. Surely a few costumed archers can save the day though. Earthquake machines, secret islands, the Lazarus pit seems the least of the oddities, but sure, it can bring life to the dead with only minor PTSD.

The recent fight scene with Raz Al Gul was so incredibly disappointing and unrealistic, I nearly barfed. I far more enjoyed the batman cartoon's version of the league of assassins, who, initially were more than any one of our Arrow heroes could deal with, but now they seem to be able to knock them down like bowling pins.

I know that this stuff is fantasy, but silly is what it's turning out as. As in the Flash, the actors are NOT the problem, the writers are just sub-par. The show is feeling far too formulaic, and the actions of most of the characters are just unrealistic. "if you let me out of this prison cell, I'll give you this rock I'm holding in my hand through the bars".

Please try to write something slightly not lame... I really want to enjoy the DC universe as much as I am Marvel. The Arrow is based on the DC Comics character, The Green Arrow, created by Morton Weisinger and designed by George Papp, which first appeared in More Fun Comics #73 in November 1941.

The character was originally a backup strip in the comics who is a millionaire playboy with a sidekick called Speedy and distinctive equipment such as gadget arrows, an Arrowcar and an Arrowplane. As such, the character had a long and largely undistinguished publishing history except for his inclusion into the Justice League series and a short run of stories by the important comics artist, Jack Kirby, years before his most famous work at Marvel Comics.

That changed when the innovative comics artist, Neal Adams, completely redesigned the look of the character in 1969, most notably by giving him a distinctive Van Dyke beard. This change inspired his frequent collaborator, writer Dennis O'Neil, to change the premise of the character by having him lose his fortune and becoming an ardent leftist political activist devoted to helping the underprivileged as a combination of Robin Hood and the Yippie political activist, Abbie Hoffman. This character became much more popular as a result such as giving him a famous series of socially conscious stories in the early 1970s with Green Lantern and later his own various solo comic book series.

This character has appeared in animation before this TV series version appeared on Smallville, such as the first incarnation of SuperFriends, Justice League Unlimited and a DC Comics Showcase short. For music lists with scene descriptions, go here: The main adversary is the League of Assassins, alternately known as the League of Shadows or Tempest. As with most media, it is led by(Matt Nable). During the first season, it is primarily represented by(John Barrowman), who has his own dual identity as the Dark Archer (Green Arrow's arch nemesis from the comics). Oliver's mother, Moira (Susanna Thompson), was blackmailed into working with Malcolm.(Jeffrey C. Robinson and Manu Bennett), Eddie Fyers (a supporting character from the Green Arrow comic, played by Sebastian Dunn), and(Dylan Neal) are involved in Oliver's training, with an implied link to a greater conspiracy. The second season introduces(Kevin Alejandro),(Michael Jai White), KGBeast (David Nykl),(Graham Shiels), and Task Force X, with the latter revealed to have hired Fyers. Other prominent villains are(Seth Gabel), who has been reimagined to be the series equivalent to the Joker or , Asian crime boss(Kelly Hu), the assassin Deadshot (Michael Rowe), and HIVE leader Damian Darkh. John Diggle was the first person back in the main city to find out Oliver's secret. It was at the end of the third episode in Season 1. Yes. In the DC comics continuity, he is a member of the Great Ten, a Chinese superhero team similar to the Justice League (2001). Codenamed Da Yi Zhe Wan (Accomplished Perfect Physician), he is the team's healer and diplomat. He was not involved in Green Arrow's training, and many of his abilities were magical in nature.

In the TV series continuity, Yao does not have any magical or metahuman powers, but is instead a master martial artist, having more in common with another Great Ten member, the Celestial Archer. However, he does retain the military and medical background of his comics counterpart. Kyudo (Japanese for "Way of the bow"), a mixture of archery and martial arts popularized by the samurai of feudal Japan (though it may have actually been Chinese in origin). During his sparring sessions with Slade and Diggle, and when he trains in his dojo in the Arrowcave, he uses Eskrima, a Filipino martial art that usually involves improvised melee weapons. Season One:

Flashback-Edward Fyers and his band of mercs on Lian Yu and Deathstroke

Present-Malcolm Merlyn (The Dark Archer) and everyone written in Robert Queens book

Season Two:

Flashback-Dr. Anthony Ivo and Slade Wilson

Present-Slade Wilson, Isabel Rochev, and their Mirakuru-infused army

Season Three:

Flashback-Gen. Matthew Shrieve and his dirty soldiers

Present-Ra's Al Ghul and the League of Assassins and Danny Brickwell and his crew

Season Four:

Flashback-Shadowspire (Led by Baron Reiter)

Present-H.I.V.E. (led by Damien Darkh)

Season Five:

Flashback-Konstatin Kovar and Ishmael Gregor

Present-Elliot Chase (Prometheus), Talia Al-Ghul, Tobias Church, and General Walker

Season Six:

Black Siren and Cayden James(so far)


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Clayman returns and hires Ginji and Ban to recover the recently-discovered arms of the Venus de Milo. Meanwhile, Hevn has hired Shido and Emishi to do a recovery.

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Steve Austin is on reserve duty at Edwards Airforce base when an attempt is made on Prince Sakari of Kutan, who is studying to be a jet pilot there.

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